10 Tips for a Healthy Spring

I live next to an old apple orchard and every April when the trees blossom it is a brief, delightful period when Nature’s renewal is manifest. This always encourages me to look for rejuvenation in my own life.

Nourishing our Children

The lifestyle choices we learn as children often stay with us our whole life and they can have long term positive of negative health consequences. It is so important to teach children the basics of good health so they have a sound foundation.

What is an Elimination Diet?

Learn more about the difference between regular detox cleansing programs and an elimination diet which helps you identify potential food sensitivities and reactions – based on Elson’s book “The False Fat Diet.”

Heart Disease & Special Nutrients

The bad news is that heart disease is one of the main causes of death in the US – the good news is that there are a lot of things we can do to lessen the risk. These well known lifestyle factors include nutrition, exercise and stress. Here I offer some more specific heart related nutrient information.

Male Aging, Hormone Support, & Prostate Health

For most men, whether we can ultimately alter our longevity is not as important as enhancing our health and vitality as we age. It’s the quality and vitality of life that matters, not merely the quantity.

An Integrated Approach to Depression

Depression is much more common than we realize, especially in its mild to moderate forms. Pharmaceutical drugs are the preferred treatment nowadays, but there are many integrative medicine approaches that can help.

Weight Loss Diets & Healthy Eating

It seems that every month or so there’s some new diet that promises better health and/or weight loss. While being overweight is a problem we still need to eating healthily as we address this issue. Here are my suggestions for how to find balance.

ADHD and Nutrition

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADAD, has become more common in recent decades and while genetics play their part there are many lifestyle factors we should take into account as we address this disorder.

Eating Healthy at School and Work

These simple guidelines will help you maintain good nutrition during the day when you are at work or your kids are at school. When we are busy it is easy to grab whatever food is quick or available and most often these are not good health choices.

Where are you on the Health Continuum?

Many of my patients don’t address their healthcare until they get sick. This is a reactive approach to health care and I encourage people to become proactive instead.

Bladder Health for Women

Dr. Haas draws on 40 years of practice and the experience of his clinic’s nurse practitioner, Judy Lane, to present the causes, treatment and prevention of this widespread and potentially painful condition.

A Seasonal Health Plan for 2018

With this natural, seasonal approach you are aligning yourself with the energy of Nature, which is after all the source of all health and healing.

Nutrition that’s Good for Each of Us and Planet Earth?

I believe that good nutrition is a cornerstone of great health, and when talking about food, my focus is often very personal – how each of us can find and maintain our optimal diet, but there is also a bigger question – is there a way of eating that promotes health both for people and our precious planet Earth?

Toxins – too close for comfort

I believe that one of the main causes of dis-ease is cellular dysfunction caused primarily by a deficiency of needed nutrients and toxicity. Personal care products are one of the most common yet overlooked sources of environmental toxicity.

10 Tips on Staying Healthy in Winter

The colder and damper climate of the winter season can be one of the most challenging to our health and in addition we have colds and the flu to deal with. Here are my 10 tips for staying healthy during Winter.

The Flu and what you can do

I talk a lot about seasonal health, but what about seasonal disease? As I write this we are in the midst of the worst flu outbreak in over a decade. Here are some thoughts about this unique illness and what we can do to protect ourselves.

10 Tips on Wise Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is a big part of the way our society relaxes and celebrates, but if consumed unwisely it can have negative health consequences from simple ones like disturbed sleep patterns to more serious conditions.

Surviving the Holidays

When we were children, most of us really looked forward to this holiday season as an extravaganza of treats, sweets and gifts. But as we get older we may start to see this time of year as more challenging, both with the demands of all the celebrations and with the potential for illness.

10 Tips for Colds and the Flu

Here are my tips for preventing and treating colds and the flu – common diseases, especially in the winter months, that can be troublesome and even serious for young and old alike.

10 TIPS on Staying Healthy with Autumn

Each seasonal change gives us the opportunity to make subtle shifts in the key areas of our lifestyle such as our nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns and attitude. Here are my guidelines for staying healthy during the Autumn harvest cycle. View PDF

Constipation & Diarrhea: Causes and Remedies

This is the concluding part of my three part introduction to treating common digestive problems. Here I discuss Constipation and Diarrhea which most of us have likely experienced at one time or another, with the resulting discomfort.

Indigestion and Heartburn: Causes and Remedies

Causes & Remedies for Common Digestive Problems – Part 2: Indigestion, Nausea and Heartburn
Part of a brief three-part overview of how to deal with some common intestinal symptoms. Offers some simple home remedies that may help to correct these common digestive problems.

Gas and Bloating: Causes and Remedies

Advice from Dr. Elson Haas about the causes of and remedies for gas and bloating, amongst the most common intestinal symptoms and dysfunctions.

10 Tips for Preventing & Treating Mild or Moderate Depression

Mild and moderate depression is a common problem for many people, from teens to the aged and everyone in between, but some simple lifestyle changes can help

10 Tips on your Heat and your Health

Keeping your body warm can be an important part of staying healthy in the cooler months so use these tips to help you with your personal central heating

Staying Healthy with Autumn

Autumn began with the Equinox on September 22nd so it’s time to look at what we can do to make the shift to the new season in the five key areas of our lifestyle – Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Sleep and Attitude.

10 Tips for Preventing Cancer

Cancer is one of the greatest fears of modern societies, but many cancers are largely preventable with lifestyle changes identified in the tips

Self Care and Stress Reduction

It seems as though every week there is some new research confirming the negative impact of stress on our health. Stress can come in many forms and often it is quite personal. The good news is that we can learn to manage this mental-emotional part of our lives.

10 Tips for Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. so it is wise to address prevention as soon and as often as possible. These 10 Tips, published in Total Health magazine are a good place to begin. Link

Dental Pain or Mental Pain?

Pain management is an important part of mind-body medicine and in this post I explore the topic through my own experience at the dentist’s office – a place that provokes anxiety in most people.

10 Tips for Healthy Travels & Summer Fun

It can be challenge to maintain our health when we travel and having our vacation spoiled by illness, or even low energy, can be a double disappointment. Here are my suggestions for what you (and your family) can do to encourage healthy travel – as published in Total Health magazine. Link  

Summer Detox from Women’s World

Sunny days give us energy and lift our moods, so we’re more active. During summer, there’s also a bounty of fruits and vegetables in gardens and at local farmers’ markets. That bounty includes virtually all of Mother Nature’s best aids in optimizing our energy and detoxing our bodies.

What is NEW Medicine?

NEW Medicine is a unique combination of Natural, Eastern and Western approaches to optimal health developed and refined over the last 40 years by pioneering integrative physician Elson Haas MD.

The “N” of NEW – Natural Medicine

Before modern medicine, Nature was all we had to rely upon to heal us and we sometimes forget that even with all our amazing scientific advances it is still the body’s natural ability to heal that underlies all medicine

The “E” of NEW – Eastern Medicine

The best known form of Eastern Medicine is Traditional Chinese Medicine and my discovery and study of this ancient healing system back in the 1970’s was a key to understanding a truly integrative approach to healing that I now call NEW Medicine.

The “W” of NEW – Western Medicine

This is the form of medicine that we are familiar with in the US and most modern societies. It has brought unprecedented benefits in diagnosis and treatment for many diseases that have plagued humankind for centuries. Yet, like many other scientific advances, it has its limts and its dangers.

How to be the Best Patient

Let’s explore what it takes to the the best patient you can be so you can get the most from your Patient-Doctor relationship

What to look for in your Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship we have with our doctor, or primary care provider, is key to taking responsibility for our health care. Here are the 11 qualities that I think are essential to an ideal Doctor-Patient Relationship.

10 TIPS for Healthy Aging in Women

Healthy aging can be enhanced by wise lifestyle choices at any age. Many of these apply to both men and women, but some are gender specific.

Sugar Health and the Glycemic Index

When it comes to sugar intake it is useful to describe foods as more than just simple and complex carbohydrates, they can also be rated on the Glycemic Index. Knowing about this tool can be helpful in choosing what foods to eat to promote health and prevent disease.

The Politics of Sugar

Not only do we need to pay attention what food we buy and consume, but also what nutrition information we ingest and digest.

Making Progress with Sugar?

Some goods news about sugar – the nation’s largest drugstore chain, CVS, has announced that it is reducing space devoted to junk food and devoting more space to nutritious food and health products.

10 Tips on Healthy Aging for Men

Here are my 10 tips for how men can approach the aging process in a natural and healthy way – as published in Total Health Magazine

10 Tips on Weight Gain and Food Cravings

The problems of obesity and being overweight are a health crisis of epidemic proportions in our country. It is a complex problem, but these simple steps are a place to start with prevention and treatment.

What are the 5 Keys to Staying Healthy?

Each component of your lifestyle has a positive or negative impact on your health. Here we explore five interconnected keys to lifestyle enhancement that can greatly improve the quality of your overall wellbeing.

The 5 Keys – NUTRITION

Nutrition provides your body with fuel to promote growth, maintenance and all vital functions – it is a cornerstone of health. It is also an area of life where we can have significant control and therefore great positive effect on our wellbeing.

The 5 Keys – EXERCISE

A sedentary lifestyle is hazardous to your health. Your commitment to physical activity is one of the most important facilitators of healthy living

The 5 Keys – STRESS

Your stress-management techniques should always contribute to your greater emotional and physical health – change your circumstances or change your responses! Learn to not react, but to respond.

The 5 Keys – SLEEP

During sleep, the entire body restores itself. Your immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems all require good sleep. Everyone’s individual sleep needs are different, but your mental, emotional and physical health benefit when you get plenty of rest!

The 5 Keys – ATTITUDE

Attitude is the 5th Key to staying healthy, but it could easily be the first! Our attitudes influence our lifestyle choices and they directly affect our health on many levels.

5 Keys and 5 Elements

My studies of the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired me to create The 5 Keys to Staying Healthy – a simple, practical way for you to begin actually improving your health day by day rather than just waiting to get sick before you act.

Is Cuba’s healthcare better than ours at 1/10th the cost?

Cuba’s per capita cost for health care is just over $800 per year while in the US it is over $9,400, yet the two countries have almost identical rankings in the World Health Organization’s assessment of health outcomes.

Winter Detox – Daily Menu Plan

A useful daily menu guide for detox during the colder Winter months

Integrity, Healing and Peace

Let’s continue our exploration of this philosophy of politics, war and peace and how it permeates many parts of our life where an “attack and conquer” mentality often prevails, and this includes our relationships with others and most importantly with our one and only self.

Politics, Medicine and War

Part of my goal as a doctor is “first do no harm.” By contrast a lot of modern medicine derives from an attack and conquer mentality that has more to do with the ideology of politics or warfare. How can we reconcile these approaches?

10 Tips for Healthy Detox

Detoxification has been a core healing principle and practice for me since I did my first cleanse in 1975. I believe it is the missing link in modern healthcare and nutritional medicine, and my book The Detox Diet tells you everything you need to know to get started.

10 Tips for Stress Reduction

Managing stress is one of my 5 Keys to Staying Healthy. These 10 Tips will help.

Keys to Prostate Health

Prostate health is a key issue for men especially as they age. Dr. Elson Haas outlines integrative medical approaches to prevention and treatment of various prostate conditions.

10 Tips for a Better Diet

Dr. Elson Haas offers his 10 tips for a better diet. He applies integrative medicine which combines Natural, Eastern and Western approaches to improve health in a balanced, natural and effective way.

10 Tips on Staying Healthy with Water

How much water do we need? Learn from Dr Elson Haas how correct hydration is crucial to your health.

10 Tips For Good Digestion

Nutrition may be the key to health, but its not just what we eat, but what we assimilate that’s key so a healthy digestion is central to our wellbeing and vitality. Follow these 10 tips from Dr. Elson Haas, author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition.

10 Tips For Emotional Well-Being & Heart Health

Dr. Elson Haas offers his top 10 tips for improving your emotional well-being and heart health! Drawing on more than 40 years of experience, he advocates positive change through better lifestyle and stress reduction habits.

10 Tips for The False Fat Diet: How to Minimize Food Reactions

Dr. Elson Haas presents his top 10 tips for minimizing food reactions based on his book The False Fat Diet.

10 Tips to Enlightened Eating

Food is an essential part of everyday life and a key component of your natural health. Read these top 10 tips from Dr. Elson Haas on achieving an enlightened eating plan and see how you can make strides at your very next breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

10 Tips on Healing Naturally and the Nature of Healing

Using an integrated medicine approach, blending Natural, Eastern and Western concepts and treatments, Dr. Elson Haas challenges you to revitalize your body and mind through practical, simple and effective steps each and every day.

10 Health Affirmations / Resolutions for the New Year

Dr. Elson Haas has promoted a seasonal approach to health since he wrote his first book Staying Healthy with the Seasons in 1981. The New Year gives us a chance to review our health habits and plan to make a positive change. These 10 tips will help you make improve your health in the coming year.

10 Tips for Nourishing our Children

Dr. Elson Haas has written extensively about children’s health and diet. It is never to soon to start developing healthy habits. His expertise draws on more than 40 years of private family practice in the field of Integrative medicine and he invites you to use these tips to help your own kids!

10 Tips on Healing Childhood and Adult Obesity

Dr Elson Haas shares his 10 tips for addressing childhood obesity and overweight issues that are such a health concern for us in the U.S.

10 Tips on Wise Sugar Use

Understanding the use of sugar and its effects on health and weight is important for all of us who want to remain trim and vital

10 Tips for Personal Survival and Disaster Preparation

What can we do to prepare for natural disasters which can be different depending on where you live – earthquakes on the West Coast, hurricanes in Florida or tornadoes in the heartland.

10 Tips for Eating Healthy at Work & School

Often we don’t pay close attention to what we eat when we are away from home, whether at school or work and even when we travel. Planning and being prepared are the keys and these tips will help you do that.