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Best of Marin 2018

Preventive Medical Center of Marin was voted best holistic clinic by the readers of Pacific Sun for the second year in a row

My trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti

I recently came back from a 10 day trip to these two adjacent Caribbean countries, which I had never visited before. This wasn't really a vacation because the purpose of the trip was to visit orphanages and schools supported for many years by my partner's family. It was an inspiring and informative journey.

Sports, Energy & Consciousness Festival: July 13-15

I am excited to be participating in the Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival on July 13th thru 15th

Allergies – an Integrated approach

Allergies are a common, often disruptive and uncomfortable experience for many of us, but from an integrative medicine point of view, most allergic symptoms are seen as the body’s attempt to cleanse itself and detoxify. Here's my recent artice on the topic for New York Spirit.

Health, Love & Yoga – Sept. 15

Join me for unique day of exploration with two friends and colleagues - John Gray, bestselling author of the Mars-Venus series and master yoga teacher, Sherri Baptiste.

My Annual Spring Cleanse Program

Every year I lead a Spring Cleanse class at my clinic in Northern California - The Preventive Medical Center of Marin - and this year, for the first time I also offered a webinar-based online course.

New Articles for New York Spirit

I am happy to begin contributing monthly articles to New York Spirit talking about integrative medicine and a seasonal approach to health.

Winter Detox 2.0 online

Every year since 1987 I have offered a Winter Detox class at my clinic in Northern California and I am excited that this well-tested and proven healing program will now be available online to people all over the country.

The Gift of Health

For a limited time save $11 on Anatomix Comix - a unique Songbook and CD which helps young children learn about their bodies and how to begin caring for them through healthy activities and choices!

Voted Best in Marin 2017

I am very happy to share with you the news that The Preventive Medical Center of Marin (PMCM) was recently voted Best Holistic Clinic in Marin in the annual poll by The Pacific Sun newspaper